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The Market Place Quality Recognized

Video Production Services, Rockford, IL
We recently received the following recognition of our video production quality.

Great news! Your service listing "Experienced, Professional Video Producer" is ranked in the Top 3 among video production professionals in Rockford.

The Market Place is ready to help you with your audiovisual communications needs.

Max Anderson
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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Use Video Clips On Your Web Site

Updated March 1, 2012

Thank you for taking the time to visit this blog. It proves that you’re serious about doing everything you can to make your corporate web site as profitable as possible.

I can help you become more profitable.

This blog will offer suggestions, strategies, and ideas for the use of video promotion in your business.

Video Clips on Your Web Site.

Today I’d like to talk about the most effective use of video.

My Books for Boys blog is often # 1 on Google, for anyone searching under that subject. My tracking program shows how many visitors the blog draws, and how much time each spends there. You might be surprised that the average visitor looks at two pages, spends less than two minutes, and then moves on.

There is no reason for you to expect that your results would be different. So what’s the answer?

Shorter is better.

I’ve been involved in the production of films, video programs and television commercials for my entire life. I shot my first film, in Germany, when I was only 16 years-old. So I’ve seen a lot of changes in audiovisual communications. These changes have taught me a lot as I’ve helped my clients reach their goals and objectives.

What I’m proposing today is the production of short video segments, a lot like a typical television commercial of only 30 – 60 seconds. These spots would be placed on your corporate web site so your prospect can click on them and watch a short video capsule on a number of subjects, products, or services that you offer.

Once a prospect has been attracted to you, through one or more of these short segments, they will be ready to go deeper for more information. And if you need assistance with the process of getting these incorporated into your site, I have a great, young web site guy who can help.

If the time is right for you to explore this use of video, I’d like to meet with you and talk further.

Longer Form Video Programs

I also am prepared to work on longer format video programs for marketing, promotion, new product introductions, communicating with foregin markets, or any other video applications that would be helpful to you.

Max Anderson
P O Box 4126
Rockford, IL 61110
(815) 877-1514

Additional information about my more than 30 years of video production in the Rockford region:

ProductionsOne production, PILGRIM'S PROGRESS, for which I won a best cinematography award, was the first feature film for Liam Neeson.

The PBS special, GOSPEL AT THE SYMPHONY, was nominated for an Emmy and the double album won a Grammy that year.

Over the span of 15 years, I produced, directed, or shot over 500 national television commercials for True Value Hardware Stores.

Other productions have earned awards locally, regionally, and nationally, including three Telly awards – the equivalent of an Oscar for non-theatrical productions.Following is information about my video production background. I've worked on projects across the country and around the world. If you're looking for high quality production that gets the results you need, I look forward to hearing from you.

Background Information About Max Anderson

All video programs are produced in the highest quality.

My work has been seen on ESPN, CNN, CBN, ABC, PBS. Television commercials have aired nationally on ABC, CBS, NBC.

Production locations have included US, Canada, India, Europe, New Guinea, South America, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, and others.

First place video awards from ITVA, HSN, CFDA, RADDIES, DOVE , TELLY Awards. Award of Merit from the Illinois Society for Healthcare Marketing and Public Relations for Pediatric Intensive Care promotional video program for Swedish American Hospital Pinnacle Award Best Christian Documentary.

Listed in WHO'S WHO in Finance and Industry, Entertainment, Advertising, The Midwest, Emerging Leaders in America, The World – In America (1999 – to present.)

Experienced producer, writer, director, lighting director, cinematographer - from initial concept to the finished program.

Video programs produced include New Product Introductions, Corporate Capability, Training, Video Brochure/Catalog, Video Tour of Plant or Facility, Point of Purchase, TV Commercials, Capital Campaigns, Promotional programs, Foreign translation versions of video programs.

Partial Video Production Client List

Woodard Governor
Corporate Capability video, 125th Anniversary video, Cal Covert Memorial Tribute, Video of the Annual Meeting video for past 15 years, TV Spots, Training. Sales and Marketing videos, Puppet Videos, Music Videos, Opening video for the Annual Meeting for 11 years. New Corporate Signature.

Woods Equipment

Functional Excellence employee video.NISSANPreventative Maintenance Training Videos.

W. A. Whitney

New Product Introduction, Customer Testimonial, Demonstration of 3 machines and Corporate Capability. Promotional video for IMTS.German, Italian, French, Spanish, Mandarin translation versions of previous videos. New Product video Introduction for 3400 RTC Machine, the 1524 Fabricator, the Series 2000 Fabricator, FABTECH Show video and several others.

Roper Whitney

Combination Corporate Capability and Machine Promotion, 2 video programs. Testimonial video for IMTS. New Product Introduction video for Auto Max Long Folding Machine, Autobrake 2000 with CS-101 Control, Ultrafold I with CS-5000 Control.

Judge Joe McGraw

Political campaign spots for a 59% win.(2003 Telly Award Winner)

Swedish American

Promotional program to show the Pediatric and Pediatric ICU at Swedish American. 3 Patient Orientation video programs. Cardiology Promotional Video including open-heart surgery. Capital Campaign Video, 2000.

Johnson & Johnson

New Medical Procedure video to open blood flow to the kidney.


National Short Track Championship aired on Speed Vision.

Youth Haven

Promotional / Fund Raising Video showing ranch activities at Facilities in Michigan and Arizona for underprivileged children. (1998 National TELLY Award Winner)

Tracy's Choices

Substance Abuse and Abstinence Video produced and distributed Internationally by The Market Place under the MVP label. (1999 National TELLY Award Winner) (Best Christian Documentary, 1999) (DOVE Foundation’s Seal Of Approval) 500 copies being used in HIV/AIDS education in Africa, and in prisons across America

Sheaffer Int.

2 programs in Chicago and Virginia showing the construction and operation of a revolutionary new wastewater treatment method.

Over 500 national TV Commercials for True Value Hardware Stores (15 year client)Monthly

Point Of Purchase video programs for True Value Hardware (3 years)Rockford Clinic - 40th Anniversary

TV Commercials

State Senator Dave Syverson – His first State Senate Race TV Commercials and his most recent race in 2006. He was the only incumbent, Republican to be reelected in IL.
Produced all the television commercials for his most recent, successful run for this office.

I'm also prepared to discuss, develop, and produce for you, longer video programs. These might include sales, training, informercials, marketing, promotional, new product introductions, and foreign markets video programs.

Max Anderson
Rockford, Illinois
(815) 877-1514
on web sites. Most companies simply post their full-length videos on their sites, or on places like YouTube. That’s fine, if a prospect is interested enough to take the time to watch something of that length. But studies show that when people search the net, they’re in a hurry.

One of my blogs, Books for Boys

An new promotional video program was produced for Senator Syverson in 2009.Professional Comments About My Work
“Max Anderson has been in the marketing/communication business long enough and worked with a wide enough variety of clients so he's developed a very good ‘competitive edge’. As such he makes a strong member of our marketing team.”
“I feel that the video production done by The Market Place is superior work. I know that the marketing information is presented in the most superb way possible.”
“Max adds value in many ways that, in my painful experience, low-bidders and amateurs haven't even considered.” Industrial

Your contribution to this year's show is something priceless. The time limitation didn't stop you from producing a work of art.
St. Jude Benefit
“Max is the consummate professional, his work equals that which I've had done in Chicago. In fact, his work is much better than the majority of work that I see others in my profession using.” Foundation

“The work you do at the Market Place is of the highest quality. The creative juices flow in each project and the film work is of the highest caliber.”
“You get what you pay for. With the quality work that Max does, each and every one of his clients do get what they pay for. That is the best possible video about their product.”

“Max is one of the best that I¹ve had the privilege of working with over the course of my career. He approaches each project with excellence. He’s thorough and is constantly thinking of how he can better each project. The organizational skills and experience that he brings to each program are a rare find. The understanding that he has of the process of creating a great video program is remarkable and comes from years of producing truly excellent programs.” Industrial

“We live in a society where the viewer is regularly exposed to excellence in video work. What we say about our product, project, or ourselves when we allow ourselves to be duped into using a ‘low priced alternative,’ for video can never be taken back. I expect your video to ‘carry the mail’ for me. It has never failed to do so.”
Fund Raising
“Too often we think that we should go with the ‘lowest bid’ for a video and are then
unpleasantly surprised when the finished product just doesn't measure up to what the viewer is accustomed to seeing.”
“This video is clear and compact and allows us to present our story in a brief time period.”
“Your two videos turned our sales around, thank you!”
“I am very proud of the wonderful job you have done. Again, my heartfelt thanks.”
President Ronald Reagan (His last visit to Dixon)

“The video was everything we had hoped it would be and more.”
“Max has yet to miss a deadline on any of several dozen projects over the past 15 years. Due to changes in my schedule, I've been forced to reschedule some shooting over the years, without being able to move the delivery date, but Max has been willing to work with me so that the project is delivered on time.”
“As you can imagine there are a hundred ways to read a sentence or a paragraph. Sometimes I'll deliver a line multiple times until Max gets from me what will best fit the visual and accurately deliver the message of the presentation. He always knows what he wants.”
Professional Voice Talent - Chicago
“I have worked with Max on many video programs over the last 10 years and consider myself fortunate to have collaborated with him on so many excellent projects. He is a true professional in every way.”
Video Editor
“When you looked at the raw footage, you were talented enough to put that together and to bring my project to life. Could I have done this project myself? No. Did I make the right decision in selecting you and letting you use your professional expertise, to my benefit? Yes!”
Capital Campaign

Additionally, I have had numerous very positive comments from many, many local business leaders (to whom it has been shown as a part of a campaign presentation). In each instance, I have given them your company name, should they find themselves with a similar need. Medical Capital Campaign

Producer on the national PBS Television Special, Gospel At The Symphony

Producer, Director , or Cinematographer on hundreds of 16mm films for rental to churches

United Airlines – Training Nestle - Sales Training Kraft Foods - RecruitmentIce Craft - New Product Introduction Taylor Freezer - TrainingProduction has included work with President Ronald Reagan - Ernie Banks - Mike Singletary George Burns - Willard Scott - Bill Bennett - B.J.

ThomasAuthor of action-adventures & mysteries for boys ages 8 – 13

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